Put on your dancing shoes!

 Losing MY Badge #4

Everyone who danced and smiled at LMB #4, we love you!

(Lomo gallery by Lucio)


 Losing My Badge #4

Playlist highlights - January 2006
Arturo Compagnoni

Arctic Monkeys - From the Ritz to the Rubble
Belle and SebastianFor the Price of a Cup of Tea
Casiotone for the Painfully AloneYoung Sheilds
Gomo - Feeling Alive
Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre - Iko
Graham Coxon - Gimme Some Love
The Long Blondes Separated By Motorways
Macromeo - Gommarosa
Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra - Don't Turn Me Up
Tilly and the Wall - Fell Down the Stairs
The Strokes - On the Other Side

Playlist highlights - January 2006
Enzo Baruffaldi

Au Revoire Simone - The Disco Song
The Bedroom Singer - Your Lover From Berlin
Bom Bom - Pop I Kras
Billie The Vision & The Dancers - One More Full Lenght Record
Consequences - Don't Hold Back
The Islands - Rough Gem
Kalle J - Vart Stack du
Strip Squad - If You Don't Take Me Right Away You Might As Well Fuck Off!
Tender Trap - ¿Como Te Llamas?
Voxtrot - The Start Of Something
Unarmed Enemies - Missing Out

Last month Losing My Badge was in the press

 LMB in the press 1) Zero51 magazine n.48, pag.45 (thanks to Sergio, but... who are those girls?)

2) Gocce d'Inkiostro n.26, Thursday 12/15 - Radio Città Fujiko (thanks to Franz)

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