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 making badges

 Losing My Badge #1


  about us: Losing My Badge
About us:

 about us (english) Losing My Badge is a monthly event brought to you by Arturo Compagnoni of Rumore magazine and Enzo Baruffaldi of polaroid blog. The idea behind this night of music is simple: giving you a chance to enjoy all the best music from the present and past, the songs you love to listen to and dance to, plus the great songs that your dj is perhaps too shy (or lazy) to play.
We'll be all about the fantastic twee, pop, indie, new wave and dance music you've been missing.
The name Losing My Badge comes from a pun on Losing My Edge, a song by LCD Soundsystem which perfectly describes what we were, what we are and the eternal importance of something so frivolous as our relationship to music. This is combined with the concept of badges, which were originally conceived as the cheapest possible fashion accessory declaration of membership in a given musical movement, and have since exploded to become yet another omnipresent cliché in the so-called indie music scene.
But enough theory. Suffice to say that during Losing My Badge nights, you should be prepared to endure bubble machines, sing-a-longs and anomalous musical accompaniment.
In the end, we'll see who's dancing and who's left at the bar.

 about us (italiano) Losing My Badge è una serata mensile curata da Arturo Compagnoni (Rumore) ed Enzo Baruffaldi (polaroid blog). L'idea è semplice: selezionare la migliore musica del passato e del presente, proponendo accanto ai classici canzoni che spesso vengono trascurate per pigrizia e timidezza anche dai dancefloor più alternativi.
Twee, pop, indie, new wave e dance saranno i territori lungo i quali ci muoveremo.
Il nome della serata nasce da un gioco di parole tra il titolo di Losing My Edge, canzone di LCD Soundsystem che meglio di ogni altra ha saputo esprimere quello che eravamo e ciò che siamo in relazione alla musica, e la parola "badge", ossia la spilletta da appuntare alla giacca, l'accessorio che da sempre permette di mostrare a buon mercato la propria appartenenza a una precisa cultura musicale.
Durante Losing My Badge non mancheranno bolle di sapone, cartelli per i cori e strumenti anomali.
Poi si farà la conta di chi scende in pista e chi se ne resta al bar.


Playlist highlights - October 2005
Enzo Baruffaldi

Frida Hyvönen - Come another night
Happy Bullets - If You Were Mine
I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona
Je Ne Sais Quoi - Live Transmission (Martin Vogel Remix)
Jens Lekman - Clap Your Hands
Mandervilles - Where's Bill Grundy Now?
National - Abel
Ponys - I'm With You
Rough Bunnies - World Of Love
Sambassadeur - New Moon
Soup Greens - Like A Rolling Stone
Spoon - Sister Jack
The Never Invited To Parties - Bicycle Ride
Three Is A Crowd - Boredom
Wolf Parade - Disco Sheets

Playlist highlights - October 2005
Arturo Compagnoni

!!! – Take Ecstasy With Me
Arcade Fire – Rebellion
Be Your Own Pet – Fire Department
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
Dead 60s – Red Light
Gang Of Four – To Hell With Poverty (Go Home Productions Remix)
Grandaddy – Pull the Curtains
Helen Love – Debbie Loves Joey
Juan MacLean – By The Time I Get to Venus
Pipettes – I Like A Boy In Uniform
Rakes – Strasbourg
Skinny Legs – Discoland
Soulwax – NY Lipps
Wolf Parade – Shine A Light
You Say Party! We Say Die! – You Did It!

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